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Coastal Star Lettuce


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Part of the Romaine family of lettuces, Coastal Star lettuce is excellent for salads and lettuce wraps.  The long, narrow, upright leaves are packed with rich nutrients.

My Favorite: Fresh costal star lettuce, two kinds of cheese, flavorful bacon, sweet grape tomatoes, crunchy toasted almonds, crisp croutons and it’s all tossed with a fresh, bright lemon vinaigrette.

I like to use light olive oil (I think it has a better flavor and it’s healthier), then I add a little extra of this and that (like those delicious toasted almonds).

And I also added honey and dijon mustard to the dressing. These are natural emulsifiers so they help bind the dressing together. They also add a nice faint flavor that pairs well with the lemon and helps balance that acidity.