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Butter Head Lettuce


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Butterhead lettuce is generally grown to full-size heads and receives its name from the sweet buttery flavor and delicate texture of the large, ruffled outer leaves. Cutting into the lettuce reveals a soft, folded, and blanched heart. BIB lettuce is a well-renowned Butterhead type, featuring soft and smooth, light-green leaves and big heads. Said to melt like butter in your mouth!

Try A Spring Mix Salad

Its that time of year when a nice cool salad can be a refreshing treat.

Romain Lettuce

Baby Spinach


Shredded Carrots

Chilled Green olives

Chives or Red Onion


Your Favorite cheese like Gouda is my favorite

And possibly your favorite nuts

  • Tangy and sharp, apple cider vinegar and sweet honey are a vinaigrette dream team, complementing and contrasting so get creative.
  • Chives in fresh herbs in salads are one of those tricks that just makes a salad taste awesome. The light-as-air oniony flavor of fresh chives really brings a lot to this salad.
  • Gouda cheese will all most make this salad taste creamy.
Simple Boston Lettuce Salad with Manchebo Cheese, olives and buttery panko bread crumbs on a black plate