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Tower Garden For The Home And School

No green thumb? No problem. The Tower Garden, aeroponic garden system allow you to grow your own produce without the learning curve or time commitment of traditional gardening. Grow greens and herbs indoors with Tower Garden HOME, or enjoy a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers with the Tower Garden FLEX. Each model takes up less than 3 square feet.

Tower Garden For Home And School

Using aeroponics—the same technology NASA uses—Tower Garden grows plants with only water and nutrients rather than dirt. Research has found aeroponic systems grow plants three times faster and produce 30% greater yields on average. That means you’ll be enjoying abundant, nutritious harvests just weeks after planting

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tower Gardens Good For Schools

Engage students in growing fresh produce right in the classroom.

Can You Grow Inside The Classroom

LED indoor grow lights allow you to garden indoors all school year long, which means bodies (and minds) don't have to leave your learning environment to grow. Tower Garden Home includes the grow lights. You can also add LED indoor grow lights to your Tower Garden FLEX Growing System.

Can I Get Free Lesson Plans

With 30 CCSS- and NGSS-aligned lesson plans and learning materials for Pre-K through 7th grade, incorporating Tower Garden into your curriculum will be easy. Would you like to better engage your class, increase attendance, or improve student performance? Tower Garden can help you educate, excite, and inspire in your classroom.

Fresh Food Daily

  • Less Water
  • No Pesticides
  • Use Non-Gmo Seeds


Tower Garden Home And School

Get Started Now Growing Your Own Fresh Clean Produce.


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