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Cow Pots #3 6 Cell 3 per Pack



Tri City Area Only.

CowPots 6 Cell

Cowpots are biodegradable pots made of 100% renewable materials. Cowpots are a terrific alternative to peat pots for seed starting, seedling growing and transplanting and can last for months above ground.

Once you plant them, they will break down slowly and release and enhance your soil. Plant roots are able to easily penetrate the pot walls, which will reduce transplant shock and allow for unfettered root growth and stronger, healthier plants.

Dimensions: 9-1/4" x 6" x 3" (2-1/8" bottom width/cell)

Suggested Uses: Great for planting bulbs, grape vines, tomatoes, and large chrysanthemums. Once planted, pot size maintains ability to quickly decompose.